Patch Plaques (patch or badge) ($35.00 + shipping) - these are real-sized patches, matching the size of the patch on the uniform. The are created on 1/2" thick wood. They make up the smallest plaque we offer and are ideal for those who utilize cubicles for their office areas, as these plaques are light in weight as well.

Regular Plaques (patch or badge) ($60.00 + shipping) - these are our most popular size plaques, measuring at the widest and tallest, depending of course, on what the item is, no more than 8.5" wide and 10.5" tall. These are also on 1/2" thick wood.

Podium Plaques (patch or badge) ($90.00 + shipping) - these are our largest of plaques and are referred to as Podium Plaques since many are ordered for the purpose of placing on the font of podiums or on a wall, directly behind the speaker at a podium. They are almost double the size of our Regular Plaques. To allow for the extra weight these larger plaques bring with them, we create these on 1/2" thick wood.

Other Plaques (non patch or badge) - the prices and plaques sizes will reflect those listed above. We specialize in custom requests. Call us if you have any questions @ (225)654-3356.

All of our plaques come with hardware, for hanging, already installed. Our turnaround time to complete your plaque(s) can vary, based on holiday's number of orders, etc. If you require your order to be fcompleted by a certain date, please communicate that fact to us, prior to ordering. We will try to accommodate you. Normally, we will have your order ready within 4 - 5 days. If there are any issues, we will alert you.

How to Order

There are a couple of ways you can order.

The quickest and easiest method, for most folks, is doing everything online. However, since some things, i.e., sending a patch or badge to us physically, can't be accomplished online, we've outlined that below as well.

If you have a patch, badge, challenge coin, etc., that you wish to have made into a plaque, you can send a high-quality resolution image to us by clicking this button. Please don't forget to include a name and phone number, should we have any questions.

NOTE: Orders will not enter production until payment has been received.

We also accept orders on Facetyme. Click the link and send us a Private Message, along with any image(s) as needed to complete your order.

Alternatively, if you need too, you can ship the actual item and/or payment to the mailing address below. Your item will be retuned with your fulfilled order. We are also setup to accept payment through PayPal.
14455 Peairs Rd.
Zachary, LA 70791

NOTE: Your payment will reflect "Diversified Ventures" as the payee.

If you need to call us for additional information or to make arrangements to pick up an order, please use the number below.

Telephone: (225)654-3356


We ship all plaques via USPS Priority Mail, unless you specify another method. If you are local, to the Zachary, Baton Rouge area, we deliver, within a reasonable distance, at no additional charge.